Healing My Being Through Tama Do

     Recently, I attended a Yoga Retreat weekend on Wolfe Island. It was heavenly. A short ferry ride from Kingston, Ontario lies a magical place with a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River. It is called Shanti Resort. Over two days, I attended five outstanding yoga classes and ate nourishing gourmet vegetarian meals. My soul is grateful to have experienced this retreat. I am thankful for Wendy and Darin. They made me feel so welcome. I am totally rejuvenated as I write this blog. There was something special awaiting my discovery. The piece de resistance was the Tama Do session. This was a true opportunity as it is not always offered here. Based on Chinese medicine, acupuncture points are pressed with tuning forks and coloured lights to heal the body and give energy to your cells. Coloured silks are draped over your body while Faery Essences are used to balance your chakras.

I arrived in the rain to my quiet session in the yurt. I lay face up on a massage table. Tracie was my Practitioner. She asked me a few questions about myself. I babbled. She then took my pulse. At first, I found it difficult to relax. My mind was all over the place.   When I closed my eyes the magic began….. healings hands cast over me. I relaxed. I closed my eyes most of the time only peeking to see the visual colours.  My body was draped in turquoise and then purple silk. I drank it in. A yellow silk band was placed over my stomach area (where I have had ongoing ulcer issues). Also I inhaled the Essences (organic scented oils), which really helped my sinuses clear up. My body and mind felt as though I were twenty years younger.  The tuning fork vibrations went through my body dissolving away pain and anxiety.

For me, it was an amazing transformation. I felt energized and happy.  My Tama Do Practitioner, Tracie Storey studied at The Fabien Maman Tama Do Academy. The Academy was established in 1987. Tracie transformed my energy levels. She has healing power. Tiny bells were also used to awaken my senses. I felt my negative energy dissolve.  She also felt that I am not feeding my soul.  At the end of the hour long session, Tracie told me to find a creative outlet because something inside of me was not being released. I knew exactly what Tracie meant. Immediately I knew I needed to get back to writing and painting. My experience here is more than I can share. On many levels it is a deeper spiritual connection. My soul has been united with my gray matter. I am feeling positive as I sit here writing again. My first blog in two years……… Hands to my heart.  Namaste


My Mother was A Valuable Asset to All of us…

Recently, my mom passed away. She fell and broke her hip on April 19th. Once in Oshawa Hospital in Ontario Canada we felt she was in good care. They put a rod and two screws into her hip and she was almost back up and running. At age 96 it is hard to recover. They sent her to rehab in Whitby Ontario. She was in physiotherapy for a week and doing well. She did not like the food so ate very little. She became weak and slept a lot. The manager named Jackie approached us and told us she should not be there. She was basically taking up a bed and space for someone who could do better. She called a meeting with 20 minutes notice. This included  the nurse practioner, social worker,  Jackie the uncaring floor manager from Whitby Hospital and a 23 year old ethics specialist ……. He was a South Asian man who wanted to know why we wanted to keep our loved one alive. My Dad and I faced them with the aid of my intelligent husband David Miniato. They tried to coerce us into putting my Mother into Palliative care. She was no longer a value to their society. The generation that gave so much to this society Nothing mattered to them.. Her 19 year old brother gave his life in WW2. He was shot down over Germany as a rear gunner. Her other brother Frank, also served but made it back alive.

My Mother worked as a plant supervisor, where they made parts for televisions. So when you watch Television Jackie, think of Rose Walker my Mother. She was of great value to our world and even to your small world too.

The manager Jackie seems to have a heart of stone. We were never sure of why she was in the family meeting. She does not hold a medical degree. She is not good at talking to families. Jackie talks at you not to you. She speaks abruptly and she is very mean. She does not care what anyone thinks or feels. She is all about moving  useless old people out of the rehab facility and letting them die as soon as possible. When we had the meeting with their team my father presented himself well. The Social worker for the hospital said “you are like a Philadelphia Lawyer. His argument was that we’ re all artificially feeding ourselves. They wanted to stop my Mom’s intravenous which was keeping her alert and alive. He wanted it to continue. They sneakily called my sister in law Patti to make the decision to move my Mother to a hospital far away from us. Now Patti is a good person but she has never respected or loved my Mother. She probably would have rather seen her die just the way the heartless manager Jackie wanted. It was cruel. We did not have time to think or breathe.

My Dad wanted to keep his wife of 60 years alive. His family doctor Dr. Corless convinced him this was not the way to go. So the next day we agreed to send Mom back to Oshawa to Palliative care. She died two days later.

Roger This

Today I have had it with Rogers.com. They are a Canadian internet, cable and phone provider. I would not exactly call them a service. They do not provide customer service. The reason I called Rogers is to let them know that their channels were not available again. First I spoke to a gravely voiced male named I thought he said “Spike”. He sounded like he’d been out all night drinking.  I told him my problem about not having the movie network channels. He sounded really concerned “not”. I asked him if my payment became unavailable like the channels would that be ok? He laughed. He told me he was going to get me someone who could get  “help”. He transferred the call to  a 19 year old girl. In the meanwhile they put you on hold for 10 minutes. This is when ( I imagine) they go outside and light up a smoke. Who knows what they are smoking! They laugh about their long term customers and any issues they are having like me. You really feel like they hate their job and do not want to provide a service. Is that what I pay for? I have been with Rogers for 20 years. Nobody really cares. When I spoke to the girl I told her I was going to cancel my service. She was totally cool with it. For the sum of  $180.00 per month she could not have cared less. I asked her if she knew how long I was with the company. She seemed disinterested. I asked her if my bill payment  was unavailable like the channels would that be ok? No answer. She asked which channels. I find it unbelievable. They must hire anyone with a pulse  and without any training involved. My dog could do a better job. From now on I am going to deduct $5 per channel when they are unavailable. We’ll see how that works out. I bet Rogers will not be in business within the next twenty years. They will be a thing of the past like I pods and the snail mail.

My Weight Is Over

My lifelong struggle with my weight has come to an end. I have tried three ways to lose weight in the past 30 years and finally succeeded. I spent my fair share of time, energy and money to be thin. Recently, I have lost 30 pounds. It took me a few months, little money and not that much time. My effort has finally paid off.

My first attempt was with Weight Watchers. A weekly weigh in and a diet using a points system. You can eat pizza. But it costs you in points. I had 25 points per day to live on. So if you ate a slice of pizza it was 10 points!!! I stuck to veggies which were 0 points and healthy choices like chicken for 6 points.  It worked slowly and I lost 25 pounds in about 6 months. As soon as I went off the diet I regained the weight. I liked the weekly meetings. It offered group support.  You knew you had to get on the scale. There were weeks when I gained a pound. There is a weekly fee involved here. Or you can sign up online. The Weight Watcher’s people won’t be weighing you in every week. So you are on your own. I received my lifetime achievement which meant I would not have to pay the weekly fee.  But if you gain weight you must pay. I failed miserably.

The second attempt was with Nutri System. Expensive way to lose weight. It cost $1200 to lose 20 pounds.  The food was freeze-dried and everything had to have boiled water poured on it to make it come to life. It was loaded with sodium. Most foods were ok. Well some foods were edible. I loved the mini bag of ‘chips’. When I arrived home from my teaching job I ripped open a bag of these crunchy fake chips. They were good. Quite a stress reliever. Still had to cook for the T.O.P (the other people, known as my family). After going off this diet I regained  even more weight.

Finally the Dr. Poon diet!! I was sworn to secrecy at the Poon office that I would not share this diet. However, it costs 0 dollars as it is covered by our health insurance. You need to be referred by your family doctor. People (friends who have not seen this diet) say the Poon diet is like the Atkins diet. Yes and no. There are some similarities. Just remember carbs are bad and sugar along with fat are the routes to obesity. I had high blood pressure and needed to lose 35 pounds. I began the Dr. Poon diet on August 25th and by December 25th I was down 30 pounds. Now I did join a gym so working out has helped to achieve this success. Also the workouts will help keep the pounds off. It’s not rocket science.  I know the struggle of losing weight and keeping it off. I have five pounds to go. Seriously those last 5 pounds are a bugger. At my last weigh in I gained a pound! I know I can do this and have two more weeks to get off the last few pounds. I have toned arms and legs. I feel better and sleep well. I am looking forward to maintaining my weight and living a long and healthy life.

Face Your Fears

Many times in my life I have feared many things. My fear of spiders, cockroaches, snakes, worms, being invaded by a tic. My fear of leaving the iron on when I go out. Hell I don’t iron much (ask my husband). My fear of losing my mind (maybe too late). I fear taking off in an airplane. I think the plane might crash! It never bothers me when landing. My fear of leaving the bathroom tap on and flooding the house (already did that one). Except the house did not flood but the water bill came in at $240.00. I have a fear of ruining dinner. Been there, done that one several times.

My biggest fear however, of losing control while driving the lawn tractor came true. Driving it was easy. I guess I was overconfident. We recently put in new windows at our cottage, with the help of good friends. My husband and I were back the next weekend doing some finishing touches. I thought I would clean up some of the debris. The lawn tractor and trailer were perfect for loading up the old wooden window frames.  Then I drove up our hill to the firepit to unload them. The first load was good! I did it!! Up the hill I went. My only fear here was that the brakes were not working and I would roll down the hill if I didn’t keep going.

The second load. Ahh away I went. I decided to change gears on the hill. Bad move. My worst fear ever, came true. The lawn tractor and trailer started rolling backwards. I pressed on the brake. I went  faster down the hill.  The trailer jackknifed, the tractor flipped over. I went flying backwards. Bam. I hit the gravel head fist. I heard the sound of crunching gravel in my head. I had screamed just before that. My husband heard my scream and then the crash. He came running from the cottage. The tractor was on my legs. He lifted it off with superhuman strength. I didn’t even know I was bleeding from my elbow and back. He helped me up. I was in shock. I didn’t feel any broken bones. My leg was burning hot under my knee cap. I had a headache but I survived. No broken bones, just cuts and bruises. You should see the bruises!

I am glad that I am alive and blogging. I faced my worst fear. It was frightening but now it’s done.

Advice To Job Seekers: Live It, Be It. You will succeed.

To all the frustrated masses out there who are looking for work, I have advice that will help you get that job.

1) Research the company. Make notes on who’s who. What is their motto? Find out what you can do if you get a job there. Keep a list of this important information.

2) When you send your resume to an employer, wait two days. Call them to see if they acknowledge its existence. If they do ask to speak to the head honcho. Show your motivation by introducing yourself, be polite. Tell them you are very interested in this position and you possess the skills they need. You would appreciate an interview at their earliest convenience.

3) Most employers know in the first few minutes of the interview if you are a contender. So be ready.

4) Interview Day:  Dress for the part. Companies look for polished business suits on both men and women.  Bring some tools of the trade.  Bring a sample portfolio of  your work on a memory stick. A chef could bring some recipes or (even some small samples of food). An artist could bring some sketches. Think about what you can bring to the company.  Intertwine examples of your experience into an interview question. Smile and remember to breathe. Believe in yourself. J



ust Live It, Be It and you will succeed.