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Advice To Job Seekers: Live It, Be It. You will succeed.

To all the frustrated masses out there who are looking for work, I have advice that will help you get that job.

1) Research the company. Make notes on who’s who. What is their motto? Find out what you can do if you get a job there. Keep a list of this important information.

2) When you send your resume to an employer, wait two days. Call them to see if they acknowledge its existence. If they do ask to speak to the head honcho. Show your motivation by introducing yourself, be polite. Tell them you are very interested in this position and you possess the skills they need. You would appreciate an interview at their earliest convenience.

3) Most employers know in the first few minutes of the interview if you are a contender. So be ready.

4) Interview Day:  Dress for the part. Companies look for polished business suits on both men and women.  Bring some tools of the trade.  Bring a sample portfolio of  your work on a memory stick. A chef could bring some recipes or (even some small samples of food). An artist could bring some sketches. Think about what you can bring to the company.  Intertwine examples of your experience into an interview question. Smile and remember to breathe. Believe in yourself. J



ust Live It, Be It and you will succeed.