Face Your Fears

Many times in my life I have feared many things. My fear of spiders, cockroaches, snakes, worms, being invaded by a tic. My fear of leaving the iron on when I go out. Hell I don’t iron much (ask my husband). My fear of losing my mind (maybe too late). I fear taking off in an airplane. I think the plane might crash! It never bothers me when landing. My fear of leaving the bathroom tap on and flooding the house (already did that one). Except the house did not flood but the water bill came in at $240.00. I have a fear of ruining dinner. Been there, done that one several times.

My biggest fear however, of losing control while driving the lawn tractor came true. Driving it was easy. I guess I was overconfident. We recently put in new windows at our cottage, with the help of good friends. My husband and I were back the next weekend doing some finishing touches. I thought I would clean up some of the debris. The lawn tractor and trailer were perfect for loading up the old wooden window frames.  Then I drove up our hill to the firepit to unload them. The first load was good! I did it!! Up the hill I went. My only fear here was that the brakes were not working and I would roll down the hill if I didn’t keep going.

The second load. Ahh away I went. I decided to change gears on the hill. Bad move. My worst fear ever, came true. The lawn tractor and trailer started rolling backwards. I pressed on the brake. I went  faster down the hill.  The trailer jackknifed, the tractor flipped over. I went flying backwards. Bam. I hit the gravel head fist. I heard the sound of crunching gravel in my head. I had screamed just before that. My husband heard my scream and then the crash. He came running from the cottage. The tractor was on my legs. He lifted it off with superhuman strength. I didn’t even know I was bleeding from my elbow and back. He helped me up. I was in shock. I didn’t feel any broken bones. My leg was burning hot under my knee cap. I had a headache but I survived. No broken bones, just cuts and bruises. You should see the bruises!

I am glad that I am alive and blogging. I faced my worst fear. It was frightening but now it’s done.


2 thoughts on “Face Your Fears

  1. Kelsey A

    Hi Joanne,
    Great post. But what an oddly specific fear you have..All you can do now is get back up on that tractor, and ride, ride again!

  2. Barbara H

    I thought the point of facing your fears was to realize that they were unfounded. It doesn’t seem to be the case here 🙂


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