Monthly Archives: February 2015

My Weight Is Over

My lifelong struggle with my weight has come to an end. I have tried three ways to lose weight in the past 30 years and finally succeeded. I spent my fair share of time, energy and money to be thin. Recently, I have lost 30 pounds. It took me a few months, little money and not that much time. My effort has finally paid off.

My first attempt was with Weight Watchers. A weekly weigh in and a diet using a points system. You can eat pizza. But it costs you in points. I had 25 points per day to live on. So if you ate a slice of pizza it was 10 points!!! I stuck to veggies which were 0 points and healthy choices like chicken for 6 points.  It worked slowly and I lost 25 pounds in about 6 months. As soon as I went off the diet I regained the weight. I liked the weekly meetings. It offered group support.  You knew you had to get on the scale. There were weeks when I gained a pound. There is a weekly fee involved here. Or you can sign up online. The Weight Watcher’s people won’t be weighing you in every week. So you are on your own. I received my lifetime achievement which meant I would not have to pay the weekly fee.  But if you gain weight you must pay. I failed miserably.

The second attempt was with Nutri System. Expensive way to lose weight. It cost $1200 to lose 20 pounds.  The food was freeze-dried and everything had to have boiled water poured on it to make it come to life. It was loaded with sodium. Most foods were ok. Well some foods were edible. I loved the mini bag of ‘chips’. When I arrived home from my teaching job I ripped open a bag of these crunchy fake chips. They were good. Quite a stress reliever. Still had to cook for the T.O.P (the other people, known as my family). After going off this diet I regained  even more weight.

Finally the Dr. Poon diet!! I was sworn to secrecy at the Poon office that I would not share this diet. However, it costs 0 dollars as it is covered by our health insurance. You need to be referred by your family doctor. People (friends who have not seen this diet) say the Poon diet is like the Atkins diet. Yes and no. There are some similarities. Just remember carbs are bad and sugar along with fat are the routes to obesity. I had high blood pressure and needed to lose 35 pounds. I began the Dr. Poon diet on August 25th and by December 25th I was down 30 pounds. Now I did join a gym so working out has helped to achieve this success. Also the workouts will help keep the pounds off. It’s not rocket science.  I know the struggle of losing weight and keeping it off. I have five pounds to go. Seriously those last 5 pounds are a bugger. At my last weigh in I gained a pound! I know I can do this and have two more weeks to get off the last few pounds. I have toned arms and legs. I feel better and sleep well. I am looking forward to maintaining my weight and living a long and healthy life.