Monthly Archives: March 2015

Roger This

Today I have had it with They are a Canadian internet, cable and phone provider. I would not exactly call them a service. They do not provide customer service. The reason I called Rogers is to let them know that their channels were not available again. First I spoke to a gravely voiced male named I thought he said “Spike”. He sounded like he’d been out all night drinking.  I told him my problem about not having the movie network channels. He sounded really concerned “not”. I asked him if my payment became unavailable like the channels would that be ok? He laughed. He told me he was going to get me someone who could get  “help”. He transferred the call to  a 19 year old girl. In the meanwhile they put you on hold for 10 minutes. This is when ( I imagine) they go outside and light up a smoke. Who knows what they are smoking! They laugh about their long term customers and any issues they are having like me. You really feel like they hate their job and do not want to provide a service. Is that what I pay for? I have been with Rogers for 20 years. Nobody really cares. When I spoke to the girl I told her I was going to cancel my service. She was totally cool with it. For the sum of  $180.00 per month she could not have cared less. I asked her if she knew how long I was with the company. She seemed disinterested. I asked her if my bill payment  was unavailable like the channels would that be ok? No answer. She asked which channels. I find it unbelievable. They must hire anyone with a pulse  and without any training involved. My dog could do a better job. From now on I am going to deduct $5 per channel when they are unavailable. We’ll see how that works out. I bet Rogers will not be in business within the next twenty years. They will be a thing of the past like I pods and the snail mail.