My Mother was A Valuable Asset to All of us…

Recently, my mom passed away. She fell and broke her hip on April 19th. Once in Oshawa Hospital in Ontario Canada we felt she was in good care. They put a rod and two screws into her hip and she was almost back up and running. At age 96 it is hard to recover. They sent her to rehab in Whitby Ontario. She was in physiotherapy for a week and doing well. She did not like the food so ate very little. She became weak and slept a lot. The manager named Jackie approached us and told us she should not be there. She was basically taking up a bed and space for someone who could do better. She called a meeting with 20 minutes notice. This included  the nurse practioner, social worker,  Jackie the uncaring floor manager from Whitby Hospital and a 23 year old ethics specialist ……. He was a South Asian man who wanted to know why we wanted to keep our loved one alive. My Dad and I faced them with the aid of my intelligent husband David Miniato. They tried to coerce us into putting my Mother into Palliative care. She was no longer a value to their society. The generation that gave so much to this society Nothing mattered to them.. Her 19 year old brother gave his life in WW2. He was shot down over Germany as a rear gunner. Her other brother Frank, also served but made it back alive.

My Mother worked as a plant supervisor, where they made parts for televisions. So when you watch Television Jackie, think of Rose Walker my Mother. She was of great value to our world and even to your small world too.

The manager Jackie seems to have a heart of stone. We were never sure of why she was in the family meeting. She does not hold a medical degree. She is not good at talking to families. Jackie talks at you not to you. She speaks abruptly and she is very mean. She does not care what anyone thinks or feels. She is all about moving  useless old people out of the rehab facility and letting them die as soon as possible. When we had the meeting with their team my father presented himself well. The Social worker for the hospital said “you are like a Philadelphia Lawyer. His argument was that we’ re all artificially feeding ourselves. They wanted to stop my Mom’s intravenous which was keeping her alert and alive. He wanted it to continue. They sneakily called my sister in law Patti to make the decision to move my Mother to a hospital far away from us. Now Patti is a good person but she has never respected or loved my Mother. She probably would have rather seen her die just the way the heartless manager Jackie wanted. It was cruel. We did not have time to think or breathe.

My Dad wanted to keep his wife of 60 years alive. His family doctor Dr. Corless convinced him this was not the way to go. So the next day we agreed to send Mom back to Oshawa to Palliative care. She died two days later.


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