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Healing My Being Through Tama Do

     Recently, I attended a Yoga Retreat weekend on Wolfe Island. It was heavenly. A short ferry ride from Kingston, Ontario lies a magical place with a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River. It is called Shanti Resort. Over two days, I attended five outstanding yoga classes and ate nourishing gourmet vegetarian meals. My soul is grateful to have experienced this retreat. I am thankful for Wendy and Darin. They made me feel so welcome. I am totally rejuvenated as I write this blog. There was something special awaiting my discovery. The piece de resistance was the Tama Do session. This was a true opportunity as it is not always offered here. Based on Chinese medicine, acupuncture points are pressed with tuning forks and coloured lights to heal the body and give energy to your cells. Coloured silks are draped over your body while Faery Essences are used to balance your chakras.

I arrived in the rain to my quiet session in the yurt. I lay face up on a massage table. Tracie was my Practitioner. She asked me a few questions about myself. I babbled. She then took my pulse. At first, I found it difficult to relax. My mind was all over the place.   When I closed my eyes the magic began….. healings hands cast over me. I relaxed. I closed my eyes most of the time only peeking to see the visual colours.  My body was draped in turquoise and then purple silk. I drank it in. A yellow silk band was placed over my stomach area (where I have had ongoing ulcer issues). Also I inhaled the Essences (organic scented oils), which really helped my sinuses clear up. My body and mind felt as though I were twenty years younger.  The tuning fork vibrations went through my body dissolving away pain and anxiety.

For me, it was an amazing transformation. I felt energized and happy.  My Tama Do Practitioner, Tracie Storey studied at The Fabien Maman Tama Do Academy. The Academy was established in 1987. Tracie transformed my energy levels. She has healing power. Tiny bells were also used to awaken my senses. I felt my negative energy dissolve.  She also felt that I am not feeding my soul.  At the end of the hour long session, Tracie told me to find a creative outlet because something inside of me was not being released. I knew exactly what Tracie meant. Immediately I knew I needed to get back to writing and painting. My experience here is more than I can share. On many levels it is a deeper spiritual connection. My soul has been united with my gray matter. I am feeling positive as I sit here writing again. My first blog in two years……… Hands to my heart.  Namaste